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Mars has guts but can get a little brash and domineering when unchecked. Warning: The stress levels can rise in relationships while Mars tours Libra. Also today, expressive Mercury buzzes into Scorpio the sign Pluto rules for an extra-long voyage, until December Yes, you've been warned.

Brace yourself! Investigate: What's real and what's a mirage? And are people actually trustworthy or simply plying us with charm? Tap back into Pluto's sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of any unsolved mysteries.

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Pluto is now in the final third of its tour of Capricorn, the sign that rules governments, corporations and the patriarchy. We've seen our share of volcanic eruptions and seismic shifts over the past eleven years. On a personal note, Pluto's backspin may have left some of us stuck with stormier thoughts. As the dwarf planet shifts into drive for the coming seven months, motivation returns that can help us tackle tough sticking points, addictive tendencies and compulsive behaviors.

Libra season. The time for justice, harmony and realtionships. And the first week of October is an active one! On October 3, karmic and secretive Pluto wakes up from a five-month retrograde in Capricorn, the zodiac sign that rules governments, hierarchies and the economy to name a few things. This intense celestial summit could bring hidden information into the open, which could demand immediate action. Dive into a project that requires intense focus! Tap the link in our bio to read your Monthly Horoscope! Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra just wants to look chic, sophisticated, and a little romantic.

Now on the blog, a guide on dressing like your sign, just in time for Libra season. Click the link in our bio for more! With the moon in esoteric Scorpio getting in cahoots with dreamweaver Neptune, subtle cues are stronger than anything obvious or spoken. Draw out messages from your psyche by making a vision board.

Free-writing can also reveal some surprising intel from the depths of your own subconscious mind. Who knew THAT was at the root of your angst? Mute any disruptive threads but keep the windows open with the most supportive and creative people in your circle. Repost from astrotwins with regram. Or, you may suddenly find yourself suspicious of the person who walked on water yesterday. Have you been tricked.. With these two planets in a complex square, your unconscious could hijack your logical brain. Fears and jealousy can arise—along with strong animal urges. One minute you want to rip someone's head off, the next second, you want to rip their clothes off.

Neither is a great idea today, until a baseline trust has been established. The best idea? Pull back to observe and investigate before drawing any conclusions. The AstroTwins talks to Astrostyle's numerologist, Felicia Bender, about how the ways a 1 Universal Month lights a fire under our feet and how your life path and zodiac sign! This one is Virgo for my sun sign.

That might mean splurging on something beautiful and wearable or being a little hedonistic when you're out with friends. Another round of oysters and champagne, please! Think of this as your cosmic "cheat day" and indulge Naughtiness will be hard to resist under this bacchanalian transit, so if you're detoxing from sugar or whatever or just committed to an exclusive relationship, find your fun somewhere that won't tempt you to violate those agreements.

Colombres Daniel R. Y Cesar Barrio con su yamaha RD astro look. Anyone else feel a big shift internally this week that sparked an unknown fire within, opening your eyes to something you cant quite put your finger on quite yet?? Cause yea me too. I'll be enjoying some stillness. This lunar lift calls in complements, not clones.

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Libra is the sign of beauty and glamour Enjoy a day of shameless pampering. Swipe right on an attractive opposite. Sit down in that salon chair and set up a shoot. Time for some fresh photos with the bomb lighting. Tag an Astros fan below! Para atraerlos es necesario mostrarles nuevos sentimientos a un que algunas veces hay que ser reservados y resistirnos, esto es necesario para su equilibrio emocional. Tiene un inconsciente don de mando.

Info that's been buried in Pluto's vault could surface as Mercury the messenger throws down the gauntlet. Can you say Ukraine hotline bling? Cover-ups and scandals could be exposed. Or maybe you'll just get a "sense" that something's a little off. While Mercury rules the mind, Pluto operates on the intuitive level. While their square can churn up some overblown suspicion, don't brush off anything that bugs you without investigating.

Stress from work could feed into your relationship or vice versa. Take a deep breath—and a beauty break—instead of driving yourself to produce under this self-inflicted intensity. While it might seem totally counterintuitive, a timeout will actually make you more effective, since relaxing will open up your creative channels and bring breakthrough insights. Love starts with yourself. Looking for a rose quartz yoni egg? Tiffany has a vast selection of gems to choose from. Check the event details in my previous post; tix are almost sold out.

Cheers to self-love, partnership, and women supporting women. Links to everything mentioned above in the Linktree in my bio. Don't send that text! With the dramatic Leo moon squaring hotheaded Uranus in Taurus, nothing is quite as it seems. It's too easy to misread signals and take the wrong things personally and the right things as slights. Before you turn the most supportive friend you have into your mortal enemy, put down your phone and go to yoga, take a walk, get a massage Aries starts its rulership at the Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Aries is the natural ruler of the first astrological house, and is ruled by the planet Mars. It is the first of the fire signs and has masculine energy. Aries is a cardinal sign with positive polarity. Ariens are determined, independent, courageous and strong-willed. Key challenges for Ariens is overcoming black-and-white or single-minded thinking, being less argumentative and more patient.

Pisces Horoscope For July 22 2018

In medical astrology, Aries rules the head and face. Aries is typically a sign of beginnings and the newly born. Tag an Aries that you know! Is Balance a Myth? Ditch anything obsessive, anxiety-producing and extreme.

Astrosurf cancer horoscope

This peaceful solar cycle, which lasts until October 22, calls for moderation, serenity and regular beauty breaks. Make art not war , have a playlist for every moment, only wear clothes that feel as good as they look. Today is also the equinox, when day and night share equal screen time.

Have certain relationships become lopsided? This is your cue to create a healthier flow of give and take, "me" and "we. Disciplined Saturn checks distractible Mercury's scattered energy, forcing us to prioritize. If you're juggling all the things, set aside anything that isn't essential—or delegate it to someone who has the focus and willingness to get the job done right. No one wins a prize for being a martyr, so if that's been you, step out of the "race" and relax. Find out what this Sunday has in store for your star sign and go read yer daily horoscope link in bio.

It's hard to tell under today's hedonistic Jupiter-Neptune square. These boundless planets have locked horns three times in —on January 13, June 16, and today, September 21—blurring the line between dreams and reality. Everything feels bigger, more emotional and overwhelming that perhaps it is. One minute you're inspired, the next you're exhausted.

People are charming, but are they honest and true? This churning energy has forced us to deal with the things that need to end Take a break from looking on the bright side of a withering situation and let yourself feel the disappointment for a minute. Trying to sugarcoat is might actually be blocking miracles from coming in. Stop pushing and forcing and spinning and weaving. Instead, stop and be receptive.

We call it womanifestation Repost Preach astrotwins! As the moon in loquacious Gemini gets in formation with outspoken Mercury in Libra, it's time to spill. Send that text, ask the "embarrassing" questions, get clear on where everyone stands. Talking things through can dissolve the tension in surprising ways. Taking orders for this fan favorite! Comment with email and size for invoice. Sometimes it's best to lead by example.

Be a role model instead of doling out unsolicited advice or trying to do the heavy lifting for someone who needs to roll up their own sleeves and hustle. Offer an empowering, "You've got this! Are you fighting the same battles or have you grown from them? The Lord of Karma, Saturn, wakes up today. Taskmaster Saturn pivots out of retrograde after five months of cracking down on us all with questionable AF force. Since April 24, you may have felt like Sisyphus, rolling a boulder up a hill or a marionette being jerked around by some crazy puppeteer.

This is your prompt to take care of Saturn-ruled body parts: skin, bones and teeth. Schedule a dentist appointment, visit the chiropractor or get a facial.

* Pisces (Astronomy) - Definition,meaning - Online Encyclopedia

Give your Q4 a review. Are your missions achievable, and if so, where should you focus this prodigious incoming energy for the rest of ? DTWS giphy Saturn saturndirect saturnretrograde astrostyle astrotwins astrology horoscope horoscopes zodiac zodiacsigns astrologersofinstagram zodiacsign aura dailyinspiration dailyastrology dailyhoroscope dailymantra.

As Venus in Libra faces off with "wounded healer" comet Chiron in Aries, you may feel a strong pull to help someone you care about. If you love astrology and want to know more, check out their website at astrostyle. But there are a handful of objects here of enduring interest including the famous Helix Nebula, one of the nearest planetary nebulae to Earth.

The globular cluster M2 is the finest Messier object in Aquarius and a near-twin of the splendid globular M15 in Pegasus, to the north. The cluster was cataloged by Charles Messier in as he searched for a comet in the area, though it was observed earlier by other French astronomers. M2 has about the same brightness as M15 and it lies at the same distance, about 33, light years. But the core of M2 is less condensed and easier to resolve in larger backyard telescopes.

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In a 4-inch scope at x, 6th-magnitude M2 is a dim, fuzzy ball. M2 also reveals a somewhat north-south oval shape at higher magnification under steady gaze. An 8-inch or larger scope fully resolves the halo and some stars towards the core. South of those, you will see a string of stars that become increasingly bright to the southwest and lead directly to M2. The cluster is a distant 55, light years away, which partly accounts for its low brightness of magnitude 9. The stars are hard to resolve in a telescope with objectives less than 8-inches in diameter.

Although a 4-inch scope at high magnification may reveal some granularity in the halo. The core appears somewhat diamond-shaped in a small scope. M72 is a fairly open globular cluster much like the more impressive and somewhat brighter and closer M71 in Sagitta.

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Look for M72 about 3. M73 consists of just four stars of 10th and 11th magnitude in a tiny Y-shaped asterism about 1 arc-minute across. Use x to darken the background sky and bring out the best view of this tiny group. It looks like a stubby little rocket ship lost amidst a desert of background stars. Two degrees northeast of M73 lies the small but fairly bright planetary nebula NGC At low power, it looks like a slightly swollen 8th-magnitude star.

At x, the nebula appears as a pale green glow with a 12th-magnitude central star visible in even a 3-inch scope. A nebula filter will make the star disappear, but it may also reveal some detail, including a barely perceptible inner shell. In a inch telescope at x or more, the nebula reveals more detail, including two slender arms radiating in opposite directions from the center.

It looks a little like the planet Saturn with nearly edge-on rings, so NGC is sometimes called the Saturn Nebula. The components are separated by a very close 2. A 3-inch at x can just barely do the job. A inch scope at x gives a better view.

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But if the seeing is poor, it may not be possible to separate this star at all.